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Other products

We complement our product range with additional equipment that is beneficial for orchard farms.

Automatic side weeder

The weeder is used to mechanically remove weeds and aerate the soil within the strip between trees and shrubs. This machine is particularly well-suited for organic farming, offering a substantial reduction in the necessity of herbicide usage.

work surface400 mm
blade length170 mm
weeder width1900 mm
weeder height900 mm


Powered by high-speed hydraulic motors, the cutting blades deliver a clean cut and operate at a high speed, resulting in an output of up to 2 hectares per hour.

Employing high-speed hydraulic motors, it attains superior cutting precision at elevated operating speeds, achieving an estimated output averaging 2 hectares per hour. The articulated suspension of the cutting bar adeptly manages the appropriate cutting angle and the precise distance from the bushes.