Quiet tippler with upper discharge

Cicha Wywrotnica z Górnym Wysypem


The machine is fully automatic. It is equipped with a photocell dosing the right number of fruit to the sorter.


The strip covering the fruit and protecting against fruit falling out while turning is covered with a sponge. Consequently, the fruit pressure against soft surface while turning and they are not bruised.


The Electric Tippler Green Sort with Upper Discharger is the quietest professional tippler on the market. It lifts up, turns, and pulls out pallet boxes same as hydraulic tipplers with upper discharge. The difference lies in the application of quiet electrical drive, which makes it virtually inaudible.


The application of only one electrical drive makes this construction so innovative that it was filed with a patent office. It makes the tippler not only quiet but also very simple in handling and constructing. It allows for decreasing the price three or four times when compared to hydraulic tipplers with upper discharge.